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Our Real Estate Marketing Program is Pretty Simple.

Claim City, Optimize Website, Exchange Content, and Dominate Local Market.


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Never Again Pay for Real Estate Leads!

Our program is build to empower real estate agents. Build a rocking website, engaging print ads, powerful social profiles, and an organic sales pipeline.

BuildMyAgent’s step by step video series will walk you through creating an amazing brand that will help you dominate your local market. 

Claim Your City

Because of heavy competition in each market, we only allow one agent to control each city. Submit your application to be put on a waiting list for your area.

Implement Our Program

Our program facilitates the use of GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Email/Content Marketing, print, SEO, and web design to drive new leads.

Service New Leads

If you follow our step by step program, you will have tons of new leads to close each month. Take control of your agency’s ability to find and service new clients .

New Agent Looking to Start Your Brand?

Our new agent starter kit will walk you through the process of buying a domain, setting up hosting, building a website, designing a FB page, constructing business card, creating great print ads, and running online marketing campaign.

Click below to see examples of what your material could look like if you follow our program


BMA is The Fastest Growing Network for Real Estate Marketing

BuildMyAgent is a premium network for real estate agents. Our step by step marketing program will teach you how to leverage the internet to find new, qualified leads. If you are looking for new real estate clients, this program is for you. 

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Why Join BMA

Are you ready to dominate your city’s real estate market? Are you ready to use the internet to generate qualified leads? Are you ready to make some serious money? If so, BuildMyAgent is right for you.

Did I mention if you get a spot in BMA, you’ll get access to the referral marketplace?

Control Your Market

We already have over 350 agents that are participating in BuildMyAgent. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the info below. We’ll let you know if you’ve been approved.

Looking to Exchange Guest Content with Other Agents?

Exchanging guest content is the cornerstone to BMA. Our program facilitates a weekly swap of unique blog post. Each high quality article will include two targeted links that will bump your website to the top of Google.

Claim City

Fill out the application below to see if you’re the first agent to claim and control your market.

Write Guest Post

Construct a high quality blog post using the example topics we provide. Includes a link back to your site.

Exchange Content

Trade guest post with other real estate agent in different markets. Share each others posts on social. 

Dominate Online

Obtaining high quality links will boost your website to the top of Google for strategic keywords. 

BMA is The Leader in Real Estate Marketing

Our program will walk you through how to implement successful campaigns using the following tactics.

  • Traditional SEO
  • Content Marketing & Link Exchange
  • Facebook Advertising
  • GoogleMyBusiness
  • Print Marketing
  • Website Development
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Email Marketing

Over 350 Agent Learning How to Generate More Leads

I’m super excited to get started with BuildMyAgent. I have been looking for an affordable way to build my real estate brand. I really think BMA could be the answer. 

Janet Renolds

I worked with Jonathan before we got his license and moved into the real estate industry. I have to say he has always been honest and hard working. This program might just be the missing piece for a lot of real estate agents. 

Sara Blankenship

Blog Network Will Always Be Free


BuildMyAgent will always offer a free content exchange network for real estate agents. There may be upgrades & an educational component at some point, but the baseline service will remain free indefinitely.  

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Please let us know if you have any questions about BuildMyAgent. 

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